So Rises the Moon

by Lamppost Revival

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(free) 03:22


released November 19, 2010

Recording and Mixing - Carlton Eide and Tyler Rablin
Mastering - James Goss (
Design - Samuel Martin



all rights reserved


Lamppost Revival Bellingham, Washington

Lamppost Revival began in the fall of 2010 in the wonderful city of Bellingham, WA. The band's folk-influenced sound quickly grew from its humble beginnings on the windy beaches of Bellingham into the hearts of music-lovers all over the Northwest.

Lamppost Revival is Adam Walkiewicz, Alex Eby, Jarod Faw, Stephanie Olson, and Tyler Rablin
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Track Name: Siren's Lullaby
Seven black seas I have travelled around
Only to find that in them you will drown
If you follow the call
Of the siren’s lullaby

High the seas that tear my courage down
A broken mast, we pray we’ll run aground
When all our hope is lost
We pray they’ll find our bones

We set sail the day we were born
Our curse was bound the day we were born
But love was found when twice we were born
And death was bound at heaven’s door

I won’t let go
Though the wind it blows and blows
In a ship tossed and thrown
With a captain of a risen ghost

We will survive
Track Name: Hope
Hope is a double-edged sword, you know
When I swing it at your heart
It's hard as a stone
And then I'm left bleeding from the bounce
Of my own foul stroke
And I will wonder if it's worth it
To swing at all

The question still remains
Do you believe in hope
And stay hopelessly in love
Never letting go

Love is a funny little word we thing we know
Until it's wrapping it's hands around our throat
And we, we'll never understand the way things go
But I could never deny that love brings hope

I stand in a fading light
That glows headed towards the stormy night
Until the stars will be my only light
On this path worn down by brokenness
This path worn down by brokenness

Love is growing deeper in my soul
Am I too scared to even let that go
Track Name: May 17th
Pass on by this world
Beautiful baby boy
Born in the arms of Jesus
We know you’re never going to cry
We know you’ll never feel pain
And you’ll be loved all the time
But before you go
I just want to say
I love you, goodbye

Roses on your grave
The only gift I ever gave
I never knew you but your name
But I loved you just the same
I know you never saw my face
But I hold yours in my mind
And before it fades
I just want to say

I love you, goodbye
I love you, goodbye
I love you, goodbye
I’ll see you some day, some day
I’ll see you some day

And when I see you someday
We’ll run and we’ll play
I’ll hold you and I’ll say
I’ve loved you all this time
Track Name: Mr. Tinman
I was alive
I knew everything
I was the king of my own city
Now I'm just a poor man
Begging for anything

But I'll say, "Hey, Mr. Tinman
Teach me how to love
Cowardly Lion, show me how to roar
Hey Mr. Scarecrow, teach me all you know."
I guess I'm not in Kansas anymore

I walk alone
On golden bricks
Until the ground rattled
And crumbled the path
Now I'm just a lost man
Wandering towards memories


I don't know who I am anymore
I lost my sense of direction
I lost my sanity
I lost all that I've worked for
It's time for rebuilding
Track Name: Quite Like This
You’ve got it all
But I’ve seen better things fall
And crumble like the Berlin wall
Your stronghold’s not strong at all

I’ve felt the fire and I’ve seen the depths
But never have I known something quite like this
I’ve drank the water, and dined like the best
But never have tasted something sweet as this
A love untold, pure and whole

Be wary of streets of gold
They’ll lead you to hells untold
The narrow’s the one way home
Untravelled, with pain and hope

A father waits at home
His child’s been gone too long
He left for hopeless dreams
Returning to love indeed

But oh, the road is long and cold (repeat)
The welcome home is love’s unfold (repeat)
Track Name: What's Left
Cold is this hell we’ve thrown ourselves into
With no one to blame but the hearts that come unglued
From pieces they came and to pieces they go
From love we arise from the ashes, we grow
Only to turn back into ashes and smoke
Until we find the love that bonds our souls

We just love, lie, and hate
With our hearts we make and we break
We don’t love, we just take
We don’t feel, we fake

Warm are the arms that we throw ourselves into
Hoping to find the strength to make it through
For a time we believe that we’ve found what we need
But nothing will last till this earth will recede
And the hand that we hold will slip away like smoke
Until we hold the hand that won’t let go

Here we arrive at the point of no return
We either love what we have
Or we long for something more
There’s peace in this storm as the rain washes you
In all we have lost we’ve found what is true
The chaff blows away and I’m left with something new
What will be left in you